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Orders for the current month must be received by the second last business day of that month.

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Postage must be paid prior to delivery.
Minimum credit card payment is $20.
Multiple delivery fees may be paid in advance. Funds will be held in member's personal credit account.

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Ordering Guidelines

Ordering Methods

In addition to our online ordering form you can order appliances by sending a completed order form to us by:

Email: [email protected]
Fax: (08) 9271 4605
Post: PO Box 706 Mt Lawley WA 6929
In person: 15 Guildford Road, Mount Lawley WA 6050

Orders cannot be placed over the phone.

An order form is always included with your monthly supplies. Forms can be obtained from our office upon request.

Completing your order form

All fields must be completed including entitlement card number (Member number), codes for the products and quantities required. Make sure your contact information is up to date to ensure your appliances are shipped to the right address and to allow us to send you a text or email when they have been shipped.

If completing your order form by hand, please print clearly.

Once placed for any month, orders cannot usually be amended.

Picking up your order

You can collect your pre-ordered supplies from our office in Mt Lawley. Your order must be picked up within three months of your order. Find our open hours on the Contact us page.

Make sure you double check your order when picking it up or when you receive it through the post and let us know immediately if there are any errors.

Ordering on a monthly cycle

As a member you confirm that all products provided to you through the Stoma Appliance Scheme are for your own personal use.

Products must be ordered per calendar month.

There are limits on the number of items that can be ordered.

Orders cannot be backdated.

Orders for the current month must be received by the second last opening day (i.e. Monday, Tuesday or Thursday of that month) to allow us to process the order before the month ends.

Members may order on a two-month cycle (if the same products have been used for 6 month or longer).

Products will not be exchanged.

Postage Costs
  • One month's supply within West Australia - $13
  • Two month’s supply within West Australia - $20
  • One month’s supply Interstate - $24
  • Two month’s supply Interstate - $34
  • Express post will no longer be available as a standard option but can be arranged if necessary.
  • Holiday supplies, postage for holiday supplies (for up to six months) are multiplied by monthly postage cost.

Holiday Supplies

Members may request supplies in excess of two months (up to six months) for travelling.

An itinerary must be submitted with the order form and extra time allowed to process holiday supplies.

Holiday supply orders must be clearly marked “Holiday Supply”.

Belts, Underwear and Support Garments

Garments should only be ordered on the specific advice of a stomal therapy nurse.

We cannot exchange belts, underwear or support garments, nor can we advise on sizing.

Payments / Fees / Credit at WAOA

Credit cards (MasterCard and Visa): Minimum payment is $20.

Cheques/money orders: Make payable to WAOA and write the member’s name clearly on the back.

The balance of a member’s credit account is shown on the packing slip that accompanies each parcel.

Read our terms and conditions.


Read our refund policy.


Supplies can be obtained by any of the following means

By Mail

All Mail orders must be accompanied by a cheque or Money Order to cover postage, unless postage has been prepaid.

Across The Counter

Pre-ordered supplies can be collected from reception at the distribution centre in Burwood.


Orders can be emailed or faxed provided postage payment is made concurrently with the order or postage has been prepaid.

Order Forms

Please click here to refer to our forms page.

After Hours Pickup & Phone Orders

Please note that there is no after hours pick up and phone orders cannot be accepted.

Refund Policy

The Western Australian Ostomy Association Incorporated. (WAOA) recognises the importance of appropriate control of monies paid by members. However, the following refund options are offered in relation to the Access Fee, Membership Fee and Postage Credit in the case of:

  • reversal of a stoma and products are no longer required
  • the death of a Member or
  • a Member transferring to another State / Territory.
Access and Membership Fees

No refund will be made for Access and Membership Fees paid for the current Financial Year (1 July to 30 June) irrespective of the time or volume of products ordered / received.

No refund will be made for Access and Membership Fees paid for the next Financial Year if products have been ordered / received for that Year.

If no products have been ordered / received in the next financial year and Access and Membership fees have been paid, a full refund will be offered as a cheque made payable to the:

  • "Member's Name" in the case of stoma reversal
  • "Estate of Member's Name" in the case of the death of a Member
  • "Member's Name" for Membership Fee only in the case of a transfer to another State /Territory (Access fee will be verified to the new Association).
Unused Postage Credit

Once the Member’s account is reconciled, if the Member has any unused Postage monies, a full refund will be offered as a cheque made payable as above.

Alternatively, with the Member’s / Next of Kin’s approval, any Access Fee, Membership Fee or Postage Credit paid in advance can be converted to a Donation to WAOA. An official receipt will be issued for Taxation purposes as above.

We reserve our right to amend this refund policy from time to time. Any amendments will be effective from the date it is made available on our website.